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Saying Goodbye

Just a little post to say thanks and goodbye to all that have supported EKO!

It has been a challenging few years and it is now time to press pause and focus on my young family. It has been a busy 3 years, starting a family (Stanley is 1 and Rebecca is now 3), juggling Covid (and a partner working from home) and running a business from the kitchen table (with a crazy working cocker spaniel sitting at my feet).

Creating a brand with soul has been the most amazing journey and one I am so proud of. Behind this feel good brand it’s just me (the tea maker, the picker and packer, the receptionist, the book keeper, the marketeer and the one at the end of every telephone call.

I have learnt priceless skills and gained knowledge and insights into such a relentless industry. What an amazing time and roller coast ride!

Of course I can’t help but keep a little bit of design work going. So I will be doing selective freelance design projects. So check this out if it is of any interest.

We will be running the website until the end of the month. Please browse our shop for the very last of our casual womens feel good clothing.

Best wishes from EKO, Cornwall and and a mum still in search of the work life balance.

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organic womens clothing


Luxury organic womens clothing label inspired by the Cornish coast.


We use a feel good philosophy to design natural collection of womens clothing that is organically made and ethically produced.