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Meet our lovely model, yoga teacher and mum Louise

We are lucky enough to work with some super lovely people at EKO, including model, mum and yoga teacher Louise. We talk to Louise about her story, inspirations and balancing life along the feel good Cornish coast.


How did you get into modeling and has these influenced you now.


I got asked to go for a meeting in an agency in London and they asked if I wanted to go to Tokyo so I spent the summer before my GCSE’s working in Tokyo – I was only 15!


It went on from there more trips to Japan and then Paris, New York a little stint in LA and always London in between.


I loved the travel & meeting interesting people but I have to admit my self confidence & body image were low & that’s when I started going to the gym and fitness classes.


I found a book in a charity shop called ‘yoga for women’ and started reading it and practicing when on my travels. It helped so much with my self esteem. Then like often happens my practice slipped and I got more a more into fitness and qualified as a fitness instructor and personal training and ended up working in gyms then managing one in London Bridge and then moved on to organising fitness events. Modelling then just became something I did if I was asked but I stopped working through any agency.


My body was getting strong and fit and I did a lot of running so I again found yoga but purely for the stretch. But as most of us who practice yoga know it is way more than a stretch and I started to practice more yoga and less fitness.


yoga teacher newquay cornwall


Life after modeling in Cornwall, being a mum and teaching yoga, how do you balance it all?


We moved to Cornwall almost 10 years ago and haven’t looked back. I love it here and I love being a mum to my 3 beautiful daughters. I think as most mums know it is a juggling act but you just get on with it, especially in the early years. Then last year I started thinking about what I wanted to do when my twins went to school and I decided to do my yoga teacher training, combining my love of yoga with being able to be work around the kids. I now teach 5 classes per week and will add a few more in come September.


luxury yogawear


How did you come to yoga and what inspires your practice?


Yoga for me answers all those questions I’ve been asking myself over the years. ‘Why are we here’ ‘what’s my purpose’ ‘why are humans so destructive’. The philosophy is ancient but it is as relevant today as it was back then. I love reading all types of yoga books, it’s mind blowing. The self enquiry is fascinating, discovering how my mind works and being able recognise the destructive chatter and nip it in the bud.


I’ve always loved being active so I find the physical aspect very inspiring. How my body moves, what it likes and doesn’t like, facing fears and basking in the elation when they’re conquered. I love how my practice has evolved to being consistent and that I want to get on my mat every day, I look forward to it, it’s not a chore or a resolution.

In my training my teacher introduced me to mantra and chanting, something I didn’t think I’d like as I can’t sing and found it so hard to do in front of other people but as time went by I found I loved using mantra for meditation and the chanting at the beginning of class became one of my favourite parts. I now have my own harmonium and chant at the beginning of my classes – I still ‘can’t’ sing but have overcome yet another ‘can’t’ in my life.


We had a great story teller come and teach us for one of the weekends of our training and she inspired me to use myths to theme my classes. We have lost mythos to logic in the west to our detriment.

What is your favourite thing about teaching and sharing yoga?


Because I love yoga I just feel so honoured to teach it. I still battle with the doubts about how I can possibly be qualified to teach this ancient philosophy. It makes me feel so humble and grateful that people come to my classes.


I love the energy, seeing how each individual ‘body’ responds to different poses, how each individual ‘mind’ tackles their obstacles. I love hearing the classes synchronised breath. I love the little smiles of bliss as I place a lavender eye pillow over their eyes. I just love seeing the yoga glow when people get hooked.


Where are your favourite feel good places in Cornwall?


I’m a bit biased to Newquay where I live. We have so many amazing beaches that I am lucky enough to walk on with my dog every day and see my children get to grow up with such an amazing playground.


The Jam Jar for coffee, Gilmore’s for a great atmosphere and yummy Mexican food and the Fern Pit cafe for old school food and prices with the best views of the gannel & Crantock.

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To find out more about Louise and her Yoga classes follow the link below to her Mmm Yoga facebook page:


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Fun Weekend Ideas

lido penzance cornwall


At EKO we like to escape at the weekend and spend time doing things we love and exploring new places.


We have compiled a list of fun weekend ideas to do with friends and family.




Half Term Ideas Kids


There is nothing better than a riding through the breeze on a warm sunny day. Our favourite bike ride in Cornwall is from Penzance to Marazion along the cycle trail. Its always great to find a trail that involves a lovely cafe stop for an ice cream and somewhere that takes in the great views.

Heres a great write up on cycle rotes in cornwall


Explore Gardens


Fun Weekend Ideas


We take inspiration from nature for our collections, and a great place to find colour inspiration is from gardens. Trebah is a lovely gardens in Cornwall just outside Falmouth on the South coast. Trebah comes alive with a colourful array of 100-year-old rhododendrons, magnolias and camellias; in summer, the giant gunnera is a must see too.

Find out more detail here




Easy Picnic Ideas


Celebrate long light evenings with a feel good picnic with family and friends. We like to take a picnic down to our favourite beach Cot Valley in the evening after a long day in the studio.

Here is a link to Jamie Oliver’s simple guide to ideas and recipes to share


Wild Swimming



Find your nearest lido or sheltered cove, to enjoy a wild swim. Our favourite space in Cornwall for outdoor swimming is the new refurbished Lido in the iconic town of Penzance. We also like to visit the London Lido in Brockwell Park, Brixton, to create calm after meetings in Central London.


Here is the link to the Penzance Lido


Here is the link to Brockwell Park Lido


We hope you like our feel good outdoor activity ideas as much as we do.


Feel free to share you ideas below too.


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We ♡ Breakfast

Healthy breakfast

At EKO we are big fans of breakfast. We celebrate the start of every new day with food that makes us feel good and keeps us going until lunch.


Breakfast provides the body and brain with fuel after an overnight fast – that’s where its name originates, breaking the fast! Without breakfast you are effectively running on empty. So here is our selection of ideas and feel good finds, from lifestyle blogs to healthy recipes.


Lifestyle Blogs and Recipes we ♡


wholeheartedly healthy blog

Holistic health coach, writer, blogger, lover of red lipstick + tattoos, passionate about living a wholeheartedly healthy life.

Recipe : Peanut Butter and Seed Cereal Bars

Rosalilium is a place to share a path to a positive and intentional lifestyle with a focus on wellbeing in all aspects of life.

Recipe : Breakfast Cups


oyster and pearl blog

A writer, editor and blogger from Bristol, England. My life revolves around my family, fun, laughter, great food, and beauty. Most of all, we try to be excellent to each other. Oyster & Pearl is like a flower press for memories, carefully collected and preserved. Expect nostalgia, for these are the good old days.

Recipe : Roasted Apricots with Almonds and Yoghurt


breakfast recipe



Healthy breakfast

Here is a great move movement called #shakeupyourwakeup in celebration with Breakfast Week. The Shake Up Your Wake Up campaign is delivered by the cereals and oilseeds division of the Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board. © Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board 2016.


Here are some great ideas for recipes and feel good blog.



I hope you like our ideas and inspiration as much as we do!