A day in the life…of an ethical lifestyle BLOGGER


We are lucky enough to work with the lovely ethical lifestyle blogger Georgie from City Girl at Heart.


We caught up with Georgie to see how a typical day as a lifestyle blogger goes.

ethical lifestyle blogger


So, it’s Monday morning, how does your day begin?


My Monday begins with a 30 minute run to clear my mind and set me up for the day. Then a coffee with almond milk and I’m ready to write.


Do you have a daily routine?


I am a big fan of the evernote app I can make notes on my phone, iPad and pc and it syncs. It also reminds me of what I need to do so helps keep me organised. I do still love a handwritten list though and I have one in my diary every day and tick stuff off as I do it


What’s normally for lunch and where do you have it?


I work from home and my office is in a little building outside and opposite my kitchen. I try and keep carb and sugar free as much as I can during the week so lunch is normally soup or a salad cobbled together in minutes.


What’s the last thing you do before you leave the office?


Working from home means if I’ve forgotten to do something I can nip back in during the evening. I really try not to work evenings though as I always make mistakes when I’m tired. I’m much better at getting up really early and getting a couple of hours done before the rest of the house gets up and needs me. Before I leave my office I write my list of what I’ve got to do tomorrow.

What makes you smile during the day?

My office is full of family photos and drawings my daughters have done. They keep me smiling all day


What’s your favourite wellbeing thing? 


Twice a week I go to pilates. I have been doing it for twenty years and it is part of who I am now. It definitely keeps me calm.


 What makes you unwind during the evening?


I don’t touch my phone or iPad after dinner in the evening. I need a complete break from screens and beeps  to unwind fully and a glass of wine helps too 😉


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