Yoga at Home Style Guide


Create calm and wellbeing by practicing yoga at home.


We have found a selection of feel good accessories to create a mindful and calming space in your own home. Find the same sense of wellbeing at home as in the yoga studio.












organic yoga clothing

Here are our tips for creating a feel good and tranquil space at home to practice.


* Include items that are functional or beautiful and remove distractions, turning your room into a tranquil space.


* Set the mood with soft uplifting colours and soft tranquil lighting that can be dimmed for relaxation.


* In small spaces use lightly draped fabric or a room divider to section off your own little sanctuary space.


* Use a storage basket, chest or trunk to keep all your props, blanket and yoga mat hidden away when not in use.


* Accessorise with treasures that uplift and calm you. We have created this style guide with our favourite feel good finds to create your home yoga space.



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