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We caught up with editor and EKO warrior Saffia to how lifegoes as a successful magazine editor and working mum.



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Saffia pictured wearing our Lizzie Dress

So, it’s Monday morning, how does your day begin?

Well, I have three children, so our day begins with us all crawling out of bed and trying to be organised to get to school and work on time with all that we need. My eldest son now goes to secondary school on the bus and I drive my younger two the few miles to their primary school. I’m lucky in that the JUNO office is in the village where we live so I don’t have a long commute – I’m not fond of sitting in a car!

Do you have a daily routine?

Yes and no. Every day is different, which I like as it keeps things fresh, but there is a basic routine built around the children’s school days as I’m always there to collect them too. I then go home and help with spellings and homework and prepare the evening meal before checking my emails again and catching up on work in the evening if I need to. During the day my work will depend on where we are in the JUNO cycle – at the start of each issue I’m planning features and where they will go on the page, then I’m liaising with writers and illustrators and then proofing the pages. It’s amazing how long all of this takes. Within that we are constantly innovating and building relationships and attending conferences and events – it’s there we meet writers and JUNO readers which is what inspires our creativity.

What makes you smile during the day?

Lots of things – hopefully! I love the sunshine so it always makes me happy if I can see blue sky through my skylight (we work in a converted barn). That makes me especially happy if my family washing is drying on the line, which is a passion of mine! I also love to hear feedback about JUNO, that always spurs us on, and it’s fun to see the engagement on line. We also love looking at all the new books that come in. I am an optimist so always try to see the good things, but that’s not to say that some days are not a struggle when I feel overwhelmed by everything that is going on.

What do you love about your job?

The amazing people that I meet and the ideas they expose me to. I feel I am learning all the time. I am also being challenged to think in new ways, or to try new things. Take clothes, for example, through what I have learnt through JUNO I now do all I can to shop ethically and sustainably – so choosing companies like People Tree and EKO and buying second hand where I can. I love that I have discovered such companies – I feel amazing when I am wearing my favourite EKO dresses and I love to share the companies I have discovered with readers.

What’s your favourite thing to do to switch off?

I love to read, which is fortunate because there is a lot of reading involved in my job, but I am fascinated by what I learn from all the writers and authors I am involved with through JUNO. I also love to spend time in our garden. I find pottering around there is the most relaxing thing to do, because it’s satisfying and away from a screen. In the winter, when it’s too dark to garden, I do love sitting in front of an open fire; that for me is the ultimate treat. And reading to our children – we have story time before bed at the end of each day and I find that calms me, whatever has gone before. I also love the opportunity to re-read books l enjoyed as a child!

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