Saying Goodbye

Just a little post to say thanks and goodbye to all that have supported EKO!

It has been a challenging few years and it is now time to press pause and focus on my young family. It has been a busy 3 years, starting a family (Stanley is 1 and Rebecca is now 3), juggling Covid (and a partner working from home) and running a business from the kitchen table (with a crazy working cocker spaniel sitting at my feet).

Creating a brand with soul has been the most amazing journey and one I am so proud of. Behind this feel good brand it’s just me (the tea maker, the picker and packer, the receptionist, the book keeper, the marketeer and the one at the end of every telephone call.

I have learnt priceless skills and gained knowledge and insights into such a relentless industry. What an amazing time and roller coast ride!

Of course I can’t help but keep a little bit of design work going. So I will be doing selective freelance design projects. So check this out if it is of any interest.

We will be running the website until the end of the month. Please browse our shop for the very last of our casual womens feel good clothing.

Best wishes from EKO, Cornwall and and a mum still in search of the work life balance.

Sustainable Clothing for Women

At EKO we take great pride in sourcing the kindest of fabric in the most sustainable way. We are a small brand that produce a sustainable clothing range using a range of organic cotton, tencel and denim made in the UK.

We believe that small is beautiful and clothing doesn’t need to be mass produced if a range is mindfully designed and ethically produced.

Sustainable Clothing Womens
Everyday Womens Denim


Made in the UK

Our sustainable limited denim collection is designed in Cornwall and made in the UK. We believe denim is our great fit to our sustainable women clothing due to its durability and ageless look.

Wearing a fabric that can be worn, washed and just gets better with age is a reason will love this feel good range.

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Work Life Balance

work life balance

It has been almost a year since i started my journey into motherhood and wanted to write a little blog on juggling being a new mum and running EKO.

My work has always been my passion and running EKO has been my focus for so long after leaving London and my career as a commercial fashion designer. But life has been turned upside down with the wonderful arrival of baby Rebecca, and suddenly my ambitions and focus have been on learning how to be a new mum.

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Feel Good Morning Rituals

morning rituals

Start the day well with our early morning rituals and wellbeing inspiration.

At EKO we think it’s important to start the day happy and energised and try and to keep to these simple little feel good ideas.


Kick off your day the right way with a morning yoga session.

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Relax and Unwind Competition

We are celebrating the simple things in life like taking time for yourself. We have bundled together some wellbeing treats to make you feel good both inside and out.


organic towels


To create the ultimate feel good bundle gift set we have teamed up with two lovely Cornish wellbeing brands Tregothnan and The Cornish Candle Company.

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Get Outdoors

outdoor adventure

Our simple ideas and inspiration to get outdoors and embrace the winter chill.

Including adventure blogs, walking apps and style ideas to create the perfect micro adventure.


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Escape to UNA Spa in Cornwall

una spa st.ives

spa cornwall

Life at UNA St Ives

Sea and sky blur. Wildflowers dance. Picnics beckon. Tales are told. Welcome to Una St Ives. Pencils poised. Cobbled streets wandered. Wetsuits zipped. Wave-tangled hair whipped.

From night time ambles beneath star speckled skies, to sunrise paddles that catch your breath, the world is different here.

We take a look behind the feel good retreat of UNA St.Ives.

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