Meet Olivia : Cornish Lifestyle Image Maker

Lifestyle Photographer Cornwall

We meet Olivia and talk about her love for cornwall, image making and a living by the sea.

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What does your work involve?


I’m a photographer, and I work with brands to create visual content. If a fashion label approaches me in need of some new images to spruce up their website, I work with them to achieve the images they’re after.

Its an amazing job, and I feel so lucky not only to be able to be creative for a living, but also explore Cornwall constantly!


What does a normal day look like?


No two days are the same with me, which I quite like. We recently got a new puppy, Milo, a three month old Cocker Spaniel, so he’s definitely thrown my usual routine out the window! Now my mornings are spent with him, taking him out for his walk and playing a bit. Then I’ll get to my desk and do emails, and any other admin that I need to do.


If I’m shooting, then the same thing tends to happen in the morning, and then I’ll either wait for everyone to arrive to my house for a studio shoot, or head out to the location for shooting!


I love how different every day can be; it keeps life exciting!


Lifestyle Photographer Cornwall


Where do you find inspiration?


Mostly nature if I’m totally honest. I’m completely in love with the sea. I’m actually from Geneva, in Switzerland, so grew up surrounded by lakes and mountains. I find them very inspiring, but when I moved to Cornwall at 18 to study at Falmouth university, a whole new love affair blossomed between me and the sea. I also love sunset more than anything!


Other than that, films and music are very inspiring! Especially anything directed by Baz Luhrmann.


What do you do to switch off?


I love to head out for a walk outside, rain or shine. Milo, our puppy, definitely helps with that! I love yoga as well. But otherwise, I’m very happy to curl up on the sofa with a book or a good TV to watch!


Where are you favourite places in Cornwall to:




Kynance Cove, or the moors near Zennor are where I currently find a lot of inspiration




A coastal walk in Mawnan Smith near Falmouth, along the Helford River. Its my favourite walk




Olivers in Falmouth does incredible food, or Kota Kai in Porthleven is always a really nice meal!



Find out more about Olivia from her website here.



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