Beekind Bags

We are proud to launch a beautifully designed charity tote bags with 100% of the proceeds going to Cornwall Wildlife Trust’s Bee Kind Appeal.

Inspiration for our womenswear comes from the colours of the Cornish coast and the feel good lifestyle that Cornwall promotes, so it was a perfect fit to give something back to the wildlife which gives us all so much.

Collaborating with Cornwall Wildlife Trust has been a natural progression for the brand, and how business can be a change for good.

Loss of good quality habitat across the UK has had a catastrophic impact on bees. In our generation alone over 90% of Britain’s lowland flower-rich grasslands have been lost, along with 50% of our ancient woodland, 40% of lowland heaths 60% of raised bogs and an astonishing 90% of flower-rich fen habitat.

Cornwall Wildlife Trust works hard to conserve specialist species, such as the tormentil mining bee, because they know bees are a keystone species for many ecosystems. In conserving wild bee species we will be ensuring a healthier environment for all Cornish wildlife.