Saying Goodbye

Just a little post to say thanks and goodbye to all that have supported EKO!

It has been a challenging few years and it is now time to press pause and focus on my young family. It has been a busy 3 years, starting a family (Stanley is 1 and Rebecca is now 3), juggling Covid (and a partner working from home) and running a business from the kitchen table (with a crazy working cocker spaniel sitting at my feet).

Creating a brand with soul has been the most amazing journey and one I am so proud of. Behind this feel good brand it’s just me (the tea maker, the picker and packer, the receptionist, the book keeper, the marketeer and the one at the end of every telephone call.

I have learnt priceless skills and gained knowledge and insights into such a relentless industry. What an amazing time and roller coast ride!

Of course I can’t help but keep a little bit of design work going. So I will be doing selective freelance design projects. So check this out if it is of any interest.

We will be running the website until the end of the month. Please browse our shop for the very last of our casual womens feel good clothing.

Best wishes from EKO, Cornwall and and a mum still in search of the work life balance.

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7 thoughts on “Saying Goodbye

  1. What a beautiful blog post. I own and love a couple of your pieces and had no idea it was just you, a one woman band. Huge respect to you and I can quite understand that you now wish to spend more time with your family. Very best wishes to you all

  2. Aww so sad. I can’t remember how I first came across your brand, but I love it! And I love the wearing the pieces I’ve bought from you. I’m sure they’ll last for many years to come, so your brand will love on through your customers. Best of luck with everything and enjoy your new path, Hannah x

  3. Thank you and very best of luck for your future.

  4. Dear Helen,
    I have been buying your clothes for many years now, I would ike to say thank you for giving me some of my most worn and treasured items of clothing, your free flow skirts with matching tops are my absolute favourite and your long vests I wear all the time. They go under everything. I will miss buying from you, but I still have years of wear, hopefully, with the clothes which I have. I am wearing the stripy long sleeved t.short as I write. I wish you good luck and much enjoyment for whatever you decide to do in the future.

  5. Dear Helen – Had we not stayed at Bedruthan Hotel some years ago now, I would never have been aware of Eko clothing! I admired the different dresses worn by the staff, who told me all about Eko; your clothing had become a uniform for them, and since then it has become mine too! I have worn different combinations of dresses and T shirts everyday, more so in the Autumn/ Winter months perhaps. The quality, unusual designs and ‘feel-good’ factor will be irreplaceable for me. However, I understand fully why it is time to move on for you and your family – indeed I have no idea how you have kept everything going thus far! It is lovely to see the lovely photos you posted and to put a face to a voice! Your children look delightful, as does the backdrop of Cornish coastal views. I wish you and your family every success for the time to come; I would be interested to learn about your future projects too. I hope that you can continue living by the sea – we cannot venture to Cornwall these days but it has a magic all of its own. So, I am saying goodbye with sadness but also with many thanks for the chance to share a small part of your unique business. Take care of each other.With warmest wishes, Angela Davies X

  6. Well done lady. Hope all is well xx

  7. Good luck in the future. I have a couple of eko pieces and love wearing them.

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