Cornwall Wildlife Trust Beekind Appeal Charity Tote Bag

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We have collaborated with the Cornwall Wildlife Trust to raise awareness for their Beekind Appeal.

100% of all proceeds raised from the sale of each bag will go to Bee Kind Appeal, Cornwall Wildlife Trust. The appeal will provide habitat, gather information and help educate through fact sheets and activities for schools.

Bees are amazing insects and key to the health of our countryside, wildlife and rural communities. Vitally bees fertilise our wildflowers, gardens and crops and form the foundation of Cornwall’s diverse ecosystem. There are over 270 species of bees in the UK and 85% of the all wild flowers, garden plants and crops rely on pollinating insects, like bees, to flourish.

But numbers of many bee species are in dramatic decline with some lost altogether from our county and others on the brink of disappearing. Changes in habitat and landscape, use of pesticides and climate change are all taking their toll on the wildlife on our doorstep.

For more information please go to the Cornwall Wildlife Trust Beekind Appeal website here.

Beautiful design by Helen Davies, EKO Founder.

Supporting our natural surroundings.

100% Natural Cotton

48cm x 38cm x 10cm base gusset


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