Spring Treats… guest blog by Amy Bramble Yoga

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I love this time of year.  For me, every season is a treat and one of the many reasons that I feel such immense gratitude for being born in the UK.  In fact I love living in our little corner of Essex so much that my hubby and I rarely leave East Anglia these days!


yoga clothing teacher summer

Each season is of course special but it has to be a toss-up between spring and autumn as to which one is my favourite.  A little bit like Goldilocks, I like the middle ground, not too hot and not too cold but somewhere in between.

In fact, it’s not just the seasons that I love so much but also the transition from each one to the next (much like my love of yoga in fact, I love exploring each and every pose but I enjoy the entry in and out of each posture just the same).  Each seasonal transition is unique but to my mind, the shift from winter to spring is perhaps the most special of all.

As an allotment gardener, I enjoy the winter, it’s a chance to put my feet up for a few weeks, light the wood burner, browse seed catalogues and catch up with friends.  As a yogi, it’s a chance to settle my practice, go slow, seek nourishment and restoration when I often need it most and on other more energised days, create a little heat and warmth in my practice.

And then, as winter begins to ease and the nights take their time to gradually shorten, there is that point when all of a sudden the days begin to lengthen much more swiftly, the nights rapidly get lighter and green shoots begin to show their pointed faces and a feeling of newness, growth and optimism is in the air.

As this time is so special to me I thought that, for my first blog post for EKO, I would share the things I’m looking forward to this spring:

1. The first outdoor lunch at the allotment – I love to eat outside and close to nature, it makes me slow down, enjoy the tastes and the experience so much more.  I find it’s almost impossible not to pause and feel a huge wave of gratitude in these moments.

2. Savouring the first green shoots of spring – This is the time of year when every visit into the garden or allotments reveals new treats, a new flower coming into bloom, something else dying back or coming to an end. It reminds me that everything is always changing, that things come and go and that the circle of life will continue whether I resist or go with it.

3. Packing away winter coats and unpacking summer clothes – This is always a symbolic moment for me, as I clear away the winter layers and unpack summer vests and yoga trousers. I’m lucky in that I am able to teach a lot of my yoga classes outdoors in warm weather and so preparing my spring time wardrobe is always a treat.

4. The first barefoot walk in the garden – when it’s warm enough to wriggle my feet in the grass it’s impossible to keep a smile off my face. The warmth and closeness to Mother Nature is something which fills my heart and keeps my feet on the ground (literally) every year.

I hope you’re looking to spring and a bank holiday weekend as much as I am… …


Amy  Bramble is a yoga teacher based in Epping in Essex.  She holds a British Wheel of Yoga teaching diploma and further qualifications in teaching yoga to children and restorative yoga.  She run regular yoga workshops in Essex and eco yoga retreat weekends in Norfolk and Suffolk. http://amybrambleyoga.blogspot.com


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3 thoughts on “Spring Treats… guest blog by Amy Bramble Yoga

  1. Thank you Lindsay and Beth, glad you liked my first post -it certainly feels as if spring has sprung this week 😊😊😊

  2. Couldn’t agree more Amy – the in-betweeny aspect of early spring is just so delicious, watching the world turn a little bit greener every day. x

  3. Lovely blog 🙂

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