Tencel is increasingly the fabric of choice for ethical and sustainable clothing brands like ourselves.  It’s light and versatile, and is widely used in casual clothing. Here is our guide to this eco feel good fabric and fibre.

Tencel is actually a brand name for a type of lyocellTENCEL® is produced by the Austrian company Lenzing AG. We love the soft feel, luxurious shine and beautiful drape.

A soft, moisture-wicking fabric from a renewable resource, Tencel® is a brand of lyocell fiber. Produced from the pulp of trees sourced from sustainably managed forests and employs a closed-loop process that recovers and reuses more than 99% of the chemicals used in its production

Naturally smooth

Tencel is naturally soft due to its Eco Soft technology which leaves a soothing cool feeling on the skin contributed by the special attributes of this fibre.


The smooth fiber surface of tencel absorbs and releases moisture efficiently therefore supports the body’s natural thermal regulation.

Mindful Manufacture

Tencel is a cellulose fibre, which is made by dissolving wood pulp and using a special drying process called spinning. Before it is dried, wood chips are mixed with a solvent to produce a wet mixture. The mixture is then pushed through small holes to form threads, and the lengths of fibre are spun into yarn, all using a closed loop process to minimise waste and the environmental impact.

Close Loop Process

Manufacturing Tencel requires less energy and water than cotton. As a naturally derived fibre, Tencel is also biodegradable.

Lenzing sources its wood and pulp from certified and controlled sources like sustainably managed plantations.

The solvents used to turn the wood pulp into fibre are made using petrochemicals. However the closed loop production process, means that the solvent is recycled time and time again to produce new fibres and minimise harmful waste. Lenzing Group says the solvent recovery rate is 99%.

Lenzing AG was presented with a European Award for the Environment from the European Union for developing this closed loop process.

Here are some of our fabric Tencel styles: