Become a Warrior

We have lots of lovely magazine editors,lifestyle bloggers, Pilate instructors, Yoga and Lifestyle Ambassadors, who kindly support our feel good brand.


We are always looking for lifestyle ambassadors, including yoga teachers, writers, pilates instructors and bloggers. So if you fall into any of these categories and share our feel good philosophy, we would love to hear from you.


Lifestyle Ambassadors

In order to grow we need help from people that share our wellbeing philosophy and love our collection as much as we do.


So how does it work and how can get involved?


✽ We give you a 25% off discount code to use on our collection.

✽ A personalised discount code to share with your students, family and friends, that will give them 15% off our entire range.

✽ A free outfit of our choice, when customers buy £250 of goods from the previous season.

✽ Sneak peak email of new range launches, events and sample sales.

✽ We love collaborating with like-minded people and always looking for well being based content for our well-read blog.


What we ask of you:


✽ Test new products and feedback to us. We will send samples to you to try and ask you to report back on design, fit, fabric and wear.

✽ Enjoy wearing our clothing and recommend us to family, friends and colleagues, through your website, classes and social media.

✽ Email us photos of you in your EKO outfit, so we can add this to your profile and feed this into our social media.

✽ Promote us through your mailing list and social media platforms. We can provide images via drop box to use, and re-post shout outs onto our social media channels.


If this all sounds something you would be interested in please email us using the below address and we can get in touch.


Get in touch with us at


We look forward to hearing from you.