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EKO loves Tregothnan Cornish Tea, which is planted and thrives by the deep sea creek of the Fal in Cornwall.



So many people drink Herbal Tea but why are they good for us? We have selected our EKO HQ favourites below…


Peppermint Tea


Tregothnan pure whole leaf Peppermint infusion picked in Cornwall which has a unique fresh aroma to match its distinctive natural taste. Clean, clear, cleansing, and intensely flavoursome, this tea is a perfect refreshing digestif.




This refreshing and cleansing infusion is our new best friend, with its super powers including:


✻ super menthol powers that aid digestion

✻ prevent nausea

✻ beat stress

✻ tackle headaches

✻ relieve heartburn

✻ soothe muscle aches

✻ ease asthma



Fennel Tea


There is something about this tea that evokes memories of childhood trips to the sweetshop. Tregothnan’s cultivated whole Fennel seeds, grown in Cornwall are highly aromatic and sweet with a strong aniseed flavour. Famed for its carminative properties, the tisane is wonderfully soothing and naturally caffeine free.




In India, the seeds are chewed after a meal to freshen the breath and soothe the digestive tract thanks to it being especially high in soothing oils and renowned for its carminative properties.


✻ Benefits of the lovely herbal infusion are:

✻ Freshen Breathe

✻ Soothe digestion

✻ relieves flatulence



Echinacea Tea


Echinacea herbal tea is a powerful immune booster, making it a wonderful drink for anyone who’s feeling a bit under the weather. 




This plant has been used for years as a medicinal cure-all to calm the mind, with benefits including:


✻ reduce fatigue
✻ good for healing mouth ulcers
✻ ease allergy symptoms, such as itchy throat and wheezing
✻ a mild sedative, it is fabulous to drink at night to encourage a better quality sleep.

And it tastes amazing too! The scent is caramel, the taste is wholesome and sweet. Floral, delicate and refreshing, it is a delightful relaxing beverage to sip at the end of a hectic day and is thought to improve nutrition uptake.

For a limited time we are offering all of these teas to help your winter wellbeing.

Purchase all three teas in our feel good drawstring bag as a loving gift for someone special.


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