Winter wellbeing



Sometimes we seem to be so busy with work and social activities at this festive time of year that we forget to take time out to create our own sense of wellbeing.


Take time to stay present and enjoy the simple pleasures, instead of looking forward to the next thing, slow down and enjoy right now.


Here’s our top tips to relaxing on a winter evening…


Make a date with yourself and unwind over a good feel good book


Allocate time in your diary for you and simple pleasures that you enjoy to wind down and relax. Switch off any distractions and enjoy this special time dedicated to you.




We like this Gratitude Journal by Nathalie. “Gratitude is an energy. An energy like joy, love and grace that you can tune into by directing your intentions towards it. Many law of attraction teachers recommend practicing gratitude daily to help with manifesting your ideal life. By dedicating a few minutes a day to practicing gratitude you will free up negative energy, let go of dense emotions, feel freer, lighter and happier. You will feel mentally nourished and blessed each day.”


Have a relaxing bath


Relax your body into a hot bath can have huge health benefits including relaxing have a read of the below link

Lactic acid is expelled much more easily, which has the effect of relaxing muscles and easing aches and pains’


bamboo towels



Get crafting


We like little craft projects to escape into on a cold winters day or evening. We have created a feel good craft page over on Pinterest.

Find inspiration and ideas for future projects this winter and christmas.





Relax in our Feel Good Loungewear


It’s so important to wear something comfortable which enables you to relax.  Our organic Lounge wear is super soft and kind to your skin, so a great option to relax and unwind in.


organic womens loungewear


If you like to do something to relax why not share ideas with us…..

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