Work Life Balance

work life balance

It has been almost a year since i started my journey into motherhood and wanted to write a little blog on juggling being a new mum and running EKO.

My work has always been my passion and running EKO has been my focus for so long after leaving London and my career as a commercial fashion designer. But life has been turned upside down with the wonderful arrival of baby Rebecca, and suddenly my ambitions and focus have been on learning how to be a new mum.

So you may have noticed it’s been a little quiet on our social media and blog front recently as we adjust to life with this new little person. Unlike big brands we are small business , so adjusting the work life balance has definitely been interesting.

So here are a few things i wanted to share with you from a year into the wonderful world of motherhood running EKO.

Family, Friends and Buster

I lucky to have the best family and friends that have given so much love to our new family. Offering long walks, home cooked food, laughter and a smiley face at the end of a long day. Oh and Buster for waking up happy and being at our side every step of the way!

Support Groups

I have managed to breastfeed which has been a real challenge, but through a local support group called Breast Friends i will be eternally grateful. After a few sleepless nights and stressful days there is nothing like stepping through the door to find like minded mums, friendly faces, guidance and a nice cup of tea waiting for you.

New Mum Wardrobe

My favourite EKO items to wear both pre and post baby have been :

Mother and Baby Clubs

Having a chance to share stories, problems and ideas with other mums while doing something you love has been great. I have started Aqua Babies, Baby Yoga and Bounce and Rhyme which have all been a great switch off but also a way of bonding with Rebecca.

Getting Outdoors

Our afternoon walk down to Carn Gloose then Cape Cornwall for a cuppa at the Little Wonder Cafe (we are regulars)

I am so grateful for the great walks and coastline on my doorstep in Cornwall, which means every morning and evenings i can walk my two favourite friends Buster and Rebecca. I think the fresh air is a real soother for the soul.


I wouldn’t be without my Ergo Baby 360 carrier and Osprey Baby Carrier Backpack so i can get outdoors whatever the weather with dog and baby. Also for the few times Rebecca is in the office i love the clip on chair we have for Rebecca (iSafe Yummy Luv Booster Seat) so she can become part of the team!

In a nutshell i think life has become a little more awesome and I learn something new everyday!

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